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Sheet Music‘ of a song is by definition a very basic musical arrangement of a song. It usually consists of a simple accompaniment for piano along with the vocal line and lyrics. Some people don’t realise this and think that a band or orchestra can work from a piece of sheet music, but it is simply not the case. In the ‘old days’ when people used to sit round a piano singing songs, the sheet music was what was needed. It’s not impossible for a good experienced bass player, guitarist, drummer to ‘make do’ with a piece of sheet music, but it would be seen to be very unprofessional for a singer to expect it. And as for a brass section /horns they would not have a chance, because they could not be able to guess which of the harmonies to each chord each one was going to play. Although I specialise in full-blown band arrangements, please feel free to contact me for any sheet music (piano and vocal), especially for songs you have no luck finding elsewhere. This happens quite often for old songs which are no longer in print. Some maybe even never were in print! Anyway in most cases we will try to write it for you.

Please contact me stating title (and artist if applicable) at:

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If the music is meant for more than solo piano, if it is for a band or a ship’s orchestra to play for example, then please return to home page. You are in need of something more than sheet music, you need detailed individual band parts. Musical arrangements / music charts / band parts / band charts / orchestra parts. provide the best of these!