Frank Sinatra band charts from musical arrangements

If you’re looking for Frank Sinatra band charts, then will supply the perfect charts for you. Essentially we arrange our charts for 3/4 horn orchestra, designed primarily for ship’s orchestra backing. We pride ourselves in the ability to get a big band sound from  small band charts even with only 3 horns. Our charts are popular worldwide with both musicians and vocalists alike. Please check out our endorsements  page, in order to see the opinions of clients from all over the world. Moreover we have a huge catalogue of almost 1700 charts, which is being continually augmented.

We are also in partnership with a backing tracks/click tracks company who can provide a fantastic-sounding product based on our arrangements.

We have a huge catalogue of charts available at a competitive price and we can write new commissions at a fraction of the price other arrangers are prepared to. This is simply because we are certain to sell them again and again at some point in the future. 

You can listen to a selection of our Frank Sinatra musical arrangements before you buy, by clicking on the below links:

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Example Frank Sinatra charts:

All The Way

Come Fly With Me

Love’s Been Good To Me

Ol’ MacDonald

That’s Life

The Way You Look Tonight

Send In The Clowns 

You Make Me Feel So Young